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The following post refers to the procedure of utilizing McAfee Shredder to remove an unwanted application. McAfee Shredder includes pre-integrated into McAfee Security heart, the anti-virus console. It can help securely expunge superfluous files and programs which can be accumulated onto your driveway immediately after the temporary deletion or during continual usage. You can also visit the McAfee Antivirus official website by visiting for more help.

McAfee Shredder

The processes listed below are some basic as well as trustworthy. But, it’s advised that these needs to really be followed properly to refrain from confronting issues. It may save users some time together with income that could otherwise be spent searching for McAfee assistance.


  • Straight back up your drive info to external networking or utilize online data backup usefulness before doing shredding. It will save significant data reduction in the eventuality of an erroneously deleted document, folder.
  • Once completed, click on the beginning button (the Windows button) then select All Apps. Navigate to select and open the McAfee Security Center from the recorded apps. Highlight the Tools tab at the left hand in the McAfee Security Center and then click to pick out Shredder.
  •  Click to decide on the Erase files along with folders solution should you’d like to define the quantity of data to be manually deleted or else Erase an entire disk to completely wipe out all the information stored on a specific drive.
  • Click the Quick option to erase a program in once or choose comprehensive to disable it like 7 days. You may even select the customized choice to permit this app to become erased at no more than 10 instances.
  • Click to select the folders or files which ought to get stained or press on the search button to discover them onto the tough disk.
  • Inspection the records which you have decided on for deletion then hit on the End button. It begins the procedure. Wait patiently until the method finishes.
  • In the event, you want to clear away the data files out of your Recycle Bin then perform this manner. Proceed for a Desktop, click the Recycle Bin icon and then click on to select Shred Recycle Bin. Practice the directions and total shredding.
  • In the event, you would like to delete certain documents from Windows Explorer, utilize this particular method. To start Windows Explorer, click the beginning button and then select Explore from the drop-down choices. Instead, you may press on the Windows key and E-Key with all your computer keyboard to install Windows Explorer.
  • Pick the files or folders, right-click in your pick and navigate into the Send To switch to McAfee Shredder. At an identical manner, permit the shredding treatment to start off and conclude.

Additional Recommendations

McAfee Shredder additionally enables you to customize your custom preferences. Included in these are specifying the overall procedures essential to manually delete the document (s), assessing the challenging disk drive for mistakes before restarting, showing the alert concept before restarting, including that the McAfee Shredder into the Send To menu, and also setting a McAfee Shredder icon onto the Desktop.

To personalize those configurations, click on the McAfee Shredder beneath Programs at the McAfee Protection Center. Click the Attributes button and then Stick to the Directions.

Watch the video to learn how to use McAfee Shredder to Uninstall a Program.

McAfee Shredder to Uninstall a Program

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