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Error messages are shown once surprise condition occurs that can not be solved by system itself. McAfee is known for dealing with any sort of known or unknown threats within your system still while installing or using it some errors may come which can be easily fixed.

Use this checklist to come across an error message, a reason of the status, and also any action you are able to get to correct it:

Error code: 0

This error can come due to Incomplete installation or Corrupted downloading of software or incorrect Windows registry entries and also due to improper network connectivity or browser setting.

The error “0” can crashes or strikes always on the running program due to which windows responds slowly, and mouse or keyboard input also moves slow. Go through the steps below to solve your problem:

Step -1: Restart your computer-

First of all, you need to close the entire running program on your computer. Now, restart your computer. If you still get the Error “0” again on your system. Then you need to go on the step-2.

Step-2: Run the Pre Installed Norton product-

Most of the cases in the second try, McAfee product has installed completely. So you need to install the McAfee Security product again, maybe it connects successfully this time. You need to download the Pre-Install software by double-click on the Pre-Install Tool.exe file. Then, you will get a warning message on your screen, click on the “OK” to confirm the changes. After the completing the installation process, click on the “OK” option.

Now,Restart your PC. After the restarting of computer, you have to try to reinstall the McAfee software. After completing the re-installation process, again restart your computer.


Maybe error “0” related to the spyware or malware infection on your PC. This malicious software can damage and corrupt the files. It’s a possibility that error code “0” refers to the element of the infected program.

Error code: 34

According to the McAfee installation support professionals, these types of error persist while the program installation process at the time when a McAfee related software is running.

Keeping a close track of when and where the McAfee 34 error is taking place is not that much an easy task for individuals and therefore following steps are needed to fix this issue as fast as possible:

Step-1: Firstly, you need to repair all registry entries linked with Error code.

Step-2: You need to conduct a full Virus scan of your device to get rid out from the error.

Step-3: Clean out all system junk files and folders using disk clean-up software generally known as “cleanmgr”.

Step-4: Update your Device Driver.

Step-5: To “Undo” all the recent system changes in the device use Windows System Restore mode.

Step-6: Reinstall or Uninstall Antivirus Virus Scan software linked with error code 34.

Step-7: Access Windows System File Checker method whose name is “sfc/scannow”.

Step-8: Install all the available updates of Windows.

Step-9: Hence, in the end, you are highly recommending to do clean Installation of Windows System.

 Error code: 16002

This error occurs in Windows Defender Security Center after a restart. In this our installation wizard detects one or more conflicting McAfee products on the system that can’t be remove automatically. Just follow the below steps to solve it completely :

 STEP-1: Firstly, you must have administrator rights to run the installation wizard.

STEP-2: Now log on as an administrator and fill the log-in details.

STEP-3: Its time to launch the installation wizard. 

STEP-4: Uninstall the conflicting products, then try installing it again.

 Error code: 16007

The error 16007 occurs when the installation wizard couldn’t remove a previous version of this product or due to legacy product from the system. Go through steps below to solve this error:

STEP-1: First remove the beta version product manually before installing Endpoint Security.

STEP-2: Also remove virus scan enterprise or site advisor enterprise manually before installing Endpoint Security.

STEP-3: Now Install endpoint security.

STEP-4: If the issues still persists Contact McAfee Technical Support.

Error code: 16502 & 17001

Whenever you see message “Policy import failed“, these errors are responsible for that. Let’s find the way to cure this error below:

STEP-1: Install wizard installed Endpoint Security.

STEP-2:  If you find any trouble in installing then may be you couldn’t import the specified policy.

STEP-3: Also check that you selected the proper data to import.

STEP-4: Contact your Technical Support if the issue persists. 

 Error code: 17002 & 17003

Error 17002 says that installation failed and then rollback get failed and in error 17003 generally installation is failed and then rollback also get failed. Both errors are similar and require the steps below to get solved :

STEP-1:  If the installation wizard couldn’t install Endpoint Security or roll back the changes it made to the user’s system then Check the installation logs on the system.

STEP-2: If still you didn’t find a way then contact Technical Support for assistance.

 Error code: 16015, 16016 & 16017

This error generally occur when system requires a Restart. Simply follow the steps mentioned below to know what to do next:

STEP-1: May be your installation wizard requires a system restart to complete the installation, do it first.

STEP-2: Also check for if any system restart from a previous installation or removal operation is pending.

STEP-3: Now, Restart the system to continue with the installation.

These above are the most common McAfee common errors and their solution which user face. If you are not able to fix these errors by yourself, you just need not to worry. You can take expert help at