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Your search for how to uninstall mcafee ends here, the mentioned below steps will help you step-wise to uninstall Mcafee in windows along with uninstall mcafee mac. Follow it step-by-step to avoid mcafee uninstall stuck.

How to uninstall mcafee

 For Windows:

How to uninstall mcafee

  1. Open Start. Click on the Windows symbol while in the bottom-left corner of this display screen.
  2. Open up Configurations or Setting. Click on the gear-shaped icon at the lower-left facet of this commence window.
  3. Click Programs. It is from the Preferences window. Doing this unlocks a listing of the currently mounted programs.If you never observe a set of the currently mounted programs, be certain you’re around the most suitable tab by clicking applications & capabilities from the upper-left facet of this window.
  4. Scroll to this Mcafee alternative. You are going to locate that the “mcafee complete safety” going at the “M” area of this menu.
  5. Click Mcafee. Complete Safety. Doing this extends the going.
  6. Simply click Uninstall. It is beneath the “Mcafee Complete Safety” heading.
  7. Click Un-install once motivated. You are going to realize this method over the initial un-install alternative.
  8. Just click Yes when motivated. This can definitely take one towards the mcafee downloaded magician.
  9. Entire the Un-installation sort. Once Mcafee’s reboot wizard opens, finish it by performing the next:
  • Assess the “Mcafee Complete Safety” box.
  • Assess the “Eliminate all records with this particular app” box.
  • Simply click the gloomy Un-install button.
  • Simply click Un-install again if motivated.
  1. Click Restart now. Once finishes , you are going to be motivated to restart your own PC. This may finish the uninstallation procedure and take out mcafee from the PC.
  • You may click restart after your computer by hand in a time period, but bear in your mind the uninstallation approach won’t be whole before you restart the computer system keyboard.
  1. Re-enable Windows Defender whenever needed. When you have not declared your computer system, Windows Defender (the default option Windows antivirus safety ) could be switched off. When it will gradually turn back , you can Accelerate the procedure by performing the next:
  • Open up Start off.
  • Type-in Cabinets shield.
  • Simply click Windows Defender Stability Center.
  • Simply click twist on when potential. In the event that you as an alternative view green check marks, close into another stability icons onto the dashboard, then Windows Defender has been empowered.


For mac:

How to uninstall mcafee

  1. Open up Spotlight. Click on the glass-shaped icon at the top-right corner of your display screen to achieve that. An internet hunt pub may start at the center of the monitor.
  2. Try to find Terminal. Type Terminal in to the hunt bar at the exact middle of your display screen.
  3. Open Terminal. The moment it looks, double click the rotor outcome. This will definitely open the final window.
  4. Input the downloaded control.
  5. Put in your administrator password when prompted. Should you visit a “Password” lineup seem, enter the password which you use to log in to your Mac’s administrator accounts, then press Return.
  6. Adhere to some onscreen prompts. As the downloaded control needs to prompt mcafee to manually start shifting mechanically, you might need to ensure the uninstallation by browsing via a pop up window.
  7. Restart your PC. Once Mcafee suggests that’s was uninstalled successfully, then you are going to want to restart your own pc to Fill out the procedure:
  • Simply click the Apple menu.
  • Simply click Shut-down
  • Simply click Shut-down if motivated.

I hope the content above helped you to uninstall mcafee from your device, in future if you met with any issues related to your mcafee-setup you can visit to get the issue resolved.