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BSOD is just one of the very bothersome mistakes and now the users are confronting a fresh version of this. Fix BC_BLUETOOTH_VERIFIER_FAULT BSOD on Windows 10  is one of the most recent improvement from the BSOD errors. The mistake creates disturbance and disturbance while users are attempting to make use of the bluetooth.

If you’re one of the users that are confronting the same error, then please browse the below-written work-around and reach a settlement for this issue. The course of action is bit complicated, therefore it’s strongly recommended to keep yourself updated whilst reading the report.


Causes Accountable with this particular Error.

In the event the consumer would like to cause accountable for the mistake, then stick by the given steps:

  • There are a few reasons that occurs in systems as a result of an older, corrupt and incorrect installment apparatus.
  • The aim of malicious attackers could get rid of the mandatory system files.
  • Damaged registry entries out of the newly installed application.
  • Corruption from the Registry occurred throughout the uninstallation of this Program.
  • The battle between newly installed applications and motorist employing every previously.
  • Erroneously removing files that are needed from the PC or because of this setup an of applications that is fresh.
  • The motorist is unmatchable together with all the OS of Windows 10.
  • The occurrence of gap on the list of drivers throughout installing hardware.
  • Corrupted hard disk drive is admired what to acquire pretentious by 0x00000BFE error code.
  • Installing a Firmware or BIOS that unmatchable or corrupted.
  • Damage at the USB pole and RAM.
  • Different not known issues revealing from Hardware, Firmware, applications, Driver may conclude that mistake.
  • Currently, the Incorrect allotment of Memory from Windows OS.


Error Code Symptoms.

  • Windows reboot always with no prior reason of producing the desktop inaccessible.
  • Slow-working rate, notably employing the outside connection like computer keyboard, speakers, mouse.
  • Apparatus adhered for a certain time and from then on on turns ordinary it self.
  • The screen of a mistake text ‘BC_BLUETOOTH_VERIFIER_FAULT‘ period and in the telling section.
  • The appearance of the following message onscreen: “An issue was discovered, and Windows has been shutdown to avoid damage to a PC.
  • The issue is apparently a result of the following document: “Windows-10 looks that mistake, and its particular contrasts with all the avert 0x00000BFE error code if working with similar applications.



Turn-off Automatic Reboot.

In the event the consumer wants to switch off the automatic reboot, then they then are able to pursue the cited directions:

  • Head into this PC and click it.
  • Then, click the Properties option.
  • Find the High Level system configurations onto the left side.
  • When the Machine Properties magician brings up, then Select the Settings located Underneath the Startup and Recovery area.
  • Continuing forward into another display, proceed to System Failure and untick the box of restart.
  • Finally, Choose the OK to apply the changes and move.


Hopefully, the above steps helped you to Fix BC_BLUETOOTH_VERIFIER_FAULT error in windows 10. Also if you are facing other issues related with Mcafee, visit