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New upcoming mobiles in market are filled with latest features and updates to attract the masses. Google always works on making it a most user friendly and fun-loving system, as the android phones user population in increasing . Android users can now enjoy more advance technology in their mobile device. In a mobile, all the things considered, so celebrated a very long time after its discharge, for sure.

Google’s online store battles to keep it in stock can be confronting substitute on the hand of the Pixel 2 in the not so distant future, anyway for the minute it’s in any case the organization’s leader Android gadget. So it’s never again too unexpected that owners were astounded for the current week with the guide of Google’s meager commitment to programming program refreshes inside the years ahead. Here we are going to describe about Google Android Updates 2019.

Dark mode:

 Numerous Android makers have actualized their very own dull topics, including Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus. Be that as it may, presently Google has included a full dim mode prepared into Android 10, which can be empowered or through a calendar. It joins the dull topic mixed it up of Google and different applications accessible on Android.

Gesture navigation upgraded:

 Google has presented another signal route framework as a major aspect of Android 10, which sits close by the customary three-catch and Google’s Android 9 Pie two-button route alternatives.The new route signals are a mix of those utilized by Apple on its iPhone X, XS and XR lines and those sent by makers, for example, Huawei and OnePlus.  

Smart replies option in more apps:

Store answers have been extended from an predetermined number of Google applications to most informing applications, which utilizes on-gadget AI to furnish you with one-tap answers to messages from the notice zone. It can likewise open the proper application for things like a location, URL or video from the informing application without duplicating or glue anything, for example, giving one-tap access to route headings in Google Maps.

Notifications, take back control:

To help lessen warning over-burden, Android currently has the decision of: general alarms as they generally have been, which make a sound or vibration; quiet cautions, which don’t make a sound and are held in a group off the beaten path at the base of the notice conceal; or no notice, which obstructs an application from indicating specific sorts of notices or all notices in the event that you would prefer not to be troubled by them.

App privacy increases:

Google is making incredible steps to give clients more noteworthy power over the information they share with applications on their telephone, making up for lost time with a significant number of the securities Apple utilizes in iOS. Android 10 presents a heap of new controls including the capacity to impart your area data to an application when you are utilizing it. Android will likewise advise you that an application you don’t utilize is getting to your area so you can stop it on the off chance that you wish.

 More cool emoji and Focus mode:

Android 10 incorporates an enormous assortment of new emoticon including sexual orientation comprehensive structures, for example, sex vague portrayals of callings with the alternative of determining male or female models on the off chance that you’d like.

Google Play faster security updates:

In Android 10, another framework enables Google to push out pivotal security and protection fixes directly from the Google Play store. That implies clients won’t need to trust that their telephone producer will discharge a full Android framework update to ensure their information is secured. Quicker and increasingly visit security refreshes are turning out to be increasingly more basic as our telephones are enticing focuses for programmers and hoodlums the world over.